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ScoutMob - Expansion

ScoutMob expanded to Washington D.C., San Francisco, and New York in early 2011. To initiate brand awareness and acquire new users, ScoutMob hired BKM to find out what was hip, who the tastemakers were, where people hung out, what people did for fun. BKM sent a representative to each new city to “scout” out the scene. We established scalable strategies to increase awareness and membership, as well as developed key strategic partnerships.​ 

Our approach:


strategic partnerships

established partnerships with tastemakers, early adopters, local vendors, writers, business owners, charities, community organizations to cultivate new business and sponsorship opportunities


guerilla marketing

created guerrilla-style marketing and grassroots campaigns to saturate the scene with ScoutMob. Hired and managed street teams to infiltrate local festivals and neighborhoods using iPads for instant activation


event management

managed the activation program, traveled to each city, ensured quality control, proper ScoutMob representation. Produced and managed highly curated launch parties and other ScoutMob sponsored events in each city



met with ScoutMob’s local writers and/or sales reps and strategized member opportunities and marketing activities

BKM successfully launched ScoutMob in the new cities, garnering awareness and record numbers of new users.
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