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The Ellis Hotel

The Ellis Hotel hired a new executive chef, Jon Wolf, for their restaurant, Terrace on Peachtree. In collaboration with Michel Nischan of Wholesome Wave, Chef Wolf developed a new menu based on the farm-to-table philosophy to align with the green initiatives of the hotel. While the food and service was exceptional, Terrace was looking to enhance brand exposure, media opportunities, and produce unique events to bring more people through the Terrace doors for an incredible experience.

Bill Kaelin Marketing developed a customized marketing plan for Terrace on Peachtree to introduce Chef Wolf to the community, highlight the farm-to-table philosophy, and gain brand awareness through targeted media outreach and events. The campaign launched with “Farm to Terrace,” a complimentary dinner introducing the new chef, Jon Wolf, and the farm-to-table menu to media and tastemakers.


The event was co-hosted by award-winning cookbook author, restaurant owner, and media personality, Michel Nishan, CEO and president of the Wholesome Wave, which is dedicated to nourishing neighborhoods by supporting increased production and access to healthy, fresh, and affordable locally grown food for the well-being of all.

This initiated buzz in the community and drove media coverage of Terrace, Chef Wolf, and the Ellis Hotel. BKM continued to manage Terrace’s press relations, events, and acts as a community liaison, bringing high-profile guests and events to the venue.
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